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im raw like monday nights

all my entries lately have been kinda sad and dumb
this one will be no different

my skin makes me want ot kill myself sometime, I just want normal skin......I cant be a human being because my skin is so bad

I think alot is because I havent really enjoyed life or been happy since jaki lived here which is really emo to say but its true, nothin all that great has happened to me since then I havent had a constant source of enjoyment like I used to....

I try really hard to enjoy my life but its really hard really really hard......ecspecially when I cant get out and do things you know damnit

my skin makes going anywhere a fucking sideshow because everyone stares at my blotchyness ecspecially little kids and girls

oh well I guess I have to just keep dealing today will consist of finishing my blockbuster application and hiding in my room amongst my daily routine

and jaki I dont hate your hair its cute
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